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Product warranty policy

Quản trị 02.01.2018

Sincerely thank you for owning and using high quality leather products of Viet Khanh Phu Co., Ltd. The warranty policy of our company is as follows:

1. Warranty Products:

• Products manufactured by Viet Khanh Phu Company Limited and within the warranty period: Within one year from the date of purchase. The date of purchase is calculated from the date on the invoice or search on the company’s data system.

• The product is used in accordance with the instructions of the company. Please refer to the “Product Use Guide” or the product instruction manual (if available).

• The warranty card must be intact and must clearly state the name of the customer, the date of purchase, the number of production batches (if any), not to be connected and not erased.

• Product is damaged due to technical fault of the manufacturer:

o Locks, accessories such as rivets rusted, long or broken during use;
o Glue, heat seal glue is used properly;
o The surface of the skin is pitted, punctured, although not rubbed on the hard, pointed objects;
o Error due to shipment to customer (with delivery note included).

2. Process of receiving and guaranteeing products:

2.1. Place of receipt:

When the product needs warranty or repair you can bring to the nearest store of the company’s Store or contact us at phone number 058.3770579 for instructions.

2.2. Process of product delivery:

• When customers bring defective products to the store, the shop staff is responsible for listening and detailing the defects of the product and recording receipts to customers. Sales staff do not have the authority to decide whether the product is defective by the customer or by the manufacturer, nor can the customer be offered solutions and time to repair the product.

• Within 24 rounds of defects returned to the company, the company’s technical department identified the causes and solutions for product repairs and handed over to the responsible person of the sales department.

• The responsible person of the sales department will contact the customer to inform the cause and corrective measures. The responsible person at the Sales Department can advise the customer on the best solution, but is not allowed to force customers to choose the solution that customers do not want.

• When the customer chooses the option, the responsible staff of the Sales Department must report the repair time and return the information to the technical department.

• Repair technician according to customer choice and return the product after repair to responsible staff of sales department.

• Responsible staff of the Sales Department will forward the product after repair to any address requested by the customer.

• Responsible staff within the Sales Department within 1 week of returning the product to the customer must call the customer ask how the product after the repair process.

2.3. Repair time and warranty:

– If repairing accessories are available at the company, the technical department of the company will repair as soon as the customer’s decision, the repair time will be 1-3 days depending on the product.
– If the accessories used for repairs have expired: then the time may be up to 30 days.

VIET KHANH PHU CO., LTD is always ready to listen and appreciate all opinions of customers about the quality of our products and services. For further information, please contact at 0258.3770579 or e-mail: vietkhanhphu@khatoco.com

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