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Viet Khanh Phu participates in leather shoes fair in Guangzhou 2017

Quản trị 09.01.2018

The International Leather and Footwear Exhibition in Guangzhou, which takes place from May 31, 2017 to June 2, 2017 in Guangzhou, China, is a good opportunity for Vietnam leather and footwear industry to introduce its products to customers. Chinese and international friends to visit at the fair

This is a very favorable condition for the convergence of enterprises in the industry to meet, exchange, learn and catch information in order to find partners, promote export and expand the market. The joint venture is involved in ostrich business – crocodile Khatoco.

This year’s Expo attracts more than 1,000 manufacturers and nearly 30,000 professional customers from more than 30 countries, such as Italy, Germany, France, Japan, …
At the fair, the products displayed and introduced include shoe-making machinery; leather machinery; machinery for producing leather products; leather / leather; chemistry; accessories; leather fashion; leather interior, garment machinery, raw materials, garment accessories, fabrics, especially products, leather products.

Due to preparation from early so every work has the initiative. From the stall contact, the production of new products to the decoration, arrangement … Through the exhibition this time, on the side of the company has received positive feedback, the comments of foreign customers to help the product better quality.

Participating in the fair 03 days, the first day the booth received 80-100 visitors, but the second day about the booth received more than 200 visitors. Compared to the fair participants in the fair footwear can be viewed this fair has been successful in introducing the product.

The development of international markets is a good solution for businesses. When entering this market, branding with international markets and exports in the market segment is higher, giving greater economic value.
The fair will continue from now until the end of 02/6/2017.

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